Salt Spreader

      Have you ever seen the almost invisible thin layer of ice on the roads that can skid any moving vehicles and cause accidents? In order to avoid risks of accidents, this thin layer of ice must be removed. However, when that layer of ice is so thin that it is difficult to see it makes removing it mechanically almost impossible. Rather than using mechanical means to remove this thin layer of ice, it is much less labor-intensive and faster to use an ice melter formulation.

How is snow and ice melted?

      The plowing truck which plows the snow off the ground has an additional machine attached to its rear end. This machine sprays salt all around while the front end plowing tool plows the snow. This helps for both the plowing of snow and the melting of ice. But, how does salt melt the ice layer?

     Salt has a property of lowering the freezing point of ice. Thus, when salt is sprayed onto the ice, the topmost layer of ice (which is water) absorbs the salt. This reduces the freezing point of ice. As the ambient temperature is not cold enough to freeze it, ice starts to melt. 

     This aids further absorption of salt to deeper layers and thus continuing the melting process until the ice is melted completely. 

      However, as the ice formation occurs almost every day in colder months, for the safety of the commuters and vehicles, salt is to be sprayed every day. 

     Hence, while you travel on roads in the winter season with lots of snow plowed, although you need to be cautious, be confident as well that snow plowing service providers and the government assure the safety of travel by using salt spreaders to help melt the ice layer on the road.

Residential Salt Spreaders

To prevent ice from forming on your properties’ walkways and driveways, it is beneficial to utilize spreaders for larger areas. Spreaders ensure that salt spreads evenly and results in less bounce rate, meaning the salt stays where applied and doesn’t bounce to neighboring areas. The salt application can damage neighboring greenery, grassy areas, and shrubbery. Utilizing a spreader can speed your application time and can save in the cost of salt as more product stays where it is applied.